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October 29, 2020
Basebuilding Tips

Hello dear clashers, since LavaLoon strategy is back in ‘Meta’, here are some tips and tricks on how to place Seeking Air Mines and Red Mines in the most effective way to defend your Clash of Clans base.

The main goal for Red Air Mines is to hit Loons and not a LavaHound, so in these terms, you wanna place them out of Hound Path(space between 2 air defenses). Also, place them out of pup radius which is 8 tiles, so take a note that RedMines are at least 8 tiles away from Air Defence.

Opposite of that main goal for Seeking Air Mines in LavaLoon attacks is to hit LavaHounds and not Loons, so speaking in general if it’s possible it would be nice to have it in Hound Path. But nowadays builders have to invest lots of Seeking Air Mines for Blimp or Queen charge ‘baits’, so all of Seeking Air Mines doesn’t have to be strictly in Hound Path.

Here is a simple example;


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