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New RH Builder - Welcome Benjabish

February 24, 2023

RH Basebuilding prides itself on its relationships with the top eSports teams in the Clash of Clans world, and VN eSports  is no exception!
With one of their builders already part of the RH team, we were happy to hear of a hot-shot builder who has been rising in the ranks and is ready to take his building to the next level. Adding Benjabish to our staff was the obvious choice and we are ECSTATIC to have him join us!
With a strong asymmetrical anti-3 background, Benjabish has been expanding his tool kit to add symmetrical building to his repertoire AND from what we hear, his box bases have been coming in clutch in ESL style matches! If you are going to compete in the big leagues, this is YOUR GUY for key defenses!

To welcome Benjabish to our team, we will have a special pack of his bases released in they VERY near future, so make sure your notifications in discord server are on so you don't miss our announcement when it becomes available - these bases will be a wonderful start to his tenure at RH!

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