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Welcome to the Home of Base Building!

RH Basebuilding Community Clan

April 26, 2023
Are you looking for casual community clan? Look no more!

Discord sever for community:

Connecting to our players is important to us and there is no better way to get to know our fellow Clashers than clashing alongside them!

As of the time of this announcement, we are opening the clan to the members of our RH community for the chance to play alongside one another, as well as special guest RH Builders and RH Pro-Players from the top eSports teams!

Here are some important details you'll want to know:

  • Primary clan goal is TROPHY PUSHING
  • Anyone with TH15 is welcome
  • PRIZES for top Pushers
  • Random War spins each week
  • Special events wars
  • Clan raids, capital raids and more

    All members are expected to follow Supercell Terms of Service and abide by strict Fair Play guidelines at all times to protect the integrity of the game, our brand, and our staff!

    Are YOU ready to fight alongside the most enthusiastic Clash community and help the RH clan rise to glory?! Use the link below and use RHBB in your join request to start your journey!!!
    RHBB Clan Link:
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