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TH11 BASES - Base Building tips and tricks

October 7, 2021
Basebuilding Tips

TH11 Basebuilding guide

Hello Chiefs, Clashers and Base Builders!

In this blog post we will go over current Town Hall 11 meta, strongest and most popular attack strategies at TH11 Trophy Pushing and Farming, as well as Clan Wars and Clan War Leagues. Defending at TH11 is definitely not easy these days, with the current meta favouring higher Town Halls, very often we can find lower THs such as TH11 very imbalanced and difficult to maintain consistent defenses. Therefore, we will also mention some Base Building tips & tricks you can apply today to your TH11 bases to make them stronger, defend more, and win more wars! Trophy Pushing & Farming: Trophy Pushing with Town Hall 11 isn’t easy, especially in higher trophy ranges, and requires some well designed TH11 bases with well protected Town Halls, but at the same time well distributed major defenses such as Inferno Towers and the Eagle Artillery. From our experience, Electro Dragons (Edrags) are the most popular choice of many great TH11 trophy pushers.

If you’re struggling at trophy pushing, make sure you check the following things on your bases:

- Make sure your Air Defenses are well protected and not in the most outside layer of your base, where they can easily be targetable or destroyed with couple balloons or even heroes.

- Also make sure your Air Defenses are at least 2 tiles away from every surrounding building on every side. That will ensure no chain lightnings coming from the edrags will chain onto your ADs, and therefore make them much more difficult to take out, so they’ll have more time to shoot those edrags down.

- Point your sweepers in the directions where you usually get attacked from the most, never both in the same direction. Also, don’t have both sweepers close to each other where they can both get zapped with lightning spells easily.

- Have your Seeking Air Mines (SAMs) placed deeply in the core of your base, where they can’t be easily lured with couple loons people very often send in front of the edrags to search for traps.

Clan Wars & Clan War Leagues (CWL):

Unlike Trophy Pushing, Clan Wars and CWL have a much wider variety of attack strategies used. Edrags are still a popular and strong choice, but other than that, you can also see a lot of Witches. There’s many variations of Witch attacks you can perform, but certainly the most popular one currently is Zap Witches, where lightning spells are used to zap Multi Inferno towers which are the main threat to Witches and their skeletons. After the Inferno Towers are destroyed, witches usually don’t have a hard time getting around the rest of the base.

The best way to defend Witch attacks is by using so called “Witch Bombs”.

Witch Bombs are a combination of 1x Giant Bomb + 2x Small Bombs, which when exploded together

kill all witches standing nearby.

Even though the small bombs don’t seem like a strong defensive option, they can actually make a

huge difference when used correctly, since 1x Giant Bomb can’t finish off a Witch by itself, so make

sure you use your small bombs effectively!

Other than Zap Witch strategies, Lalo isn’t the 2nd popular strategy we mostly see in Clan Wars and


If you face a lot of different variations of Lalo attacks on your base, here are some of the best

practices you can do to ensure your TH11 base is on point:

- Have your SAMs near Air Defenses so enemy Lava Hounds can soak them up and explode


- Use “RAB stacks”.

Red Air Bomb stacks, around splash defences (Wizard Towers & Inferno Towers) far away

from Air Defenses, and not in the Lava Hound pathing

Explained in the image below:

o Red Circle = Wrong

o Green Circle = Correct

This way, there’s a higher chance of loons hitting the RABs rather than the Lava Hounds.

- Have your Wizard Towers out of range of your Air Defenses, at least most of them.

This ensures your Wizard Towers won’t get stuck on hitting the Lava Hounds, but focus on

the balloons more and potentially get you a defence!

If you find yourself in need of a base built by professionals, don't hesitate and contact us for the best Clash of Clans bases in community!

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