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TH8 Trophy Base

May 3, 2023
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Defending at Town Hall level 8 (TH8) in Clash of Clans can be a challenging task, especially when facing experienced attackers. However, with the right ideas, it is possible to build a strong defense that can protect your base from enemy raids. In this article, we will discuss some tips on how to defend at TH8 in Clash of Clans.

How to defend at TH8?

1. Upgrade your defenses:

Make sure that all of your defenses, including cannons, archer towers, and wizard towers, are upgraded to the maximum level possible for your. This will make them more effective at taking out enemy troops.

2.Key defenses

Most important defenses at TH8 are:

Archer Tower
Wizard Tower
Air Defense

Make sure to protect them well, so keep those defenses inside of the base and not allow to make easy snipes outside of the base.
Place the storages around key defenses because they have the most hitpoints and they can stall the troops while your defenses making the damage to enemy troops!

3. Tesla Farm

What is Tesla Farm?
A group of 3 or more Tesla Towers close to each others.
They can be surprising element against enemies and produce a lot of DPS and u can create pathing and force the hogs into bombs or springs between Tesla's.
You can play mindgames with tesla farm, for example you can put setup like Barbarian King + Storages and space for 3 Tesla. Attacker will most likely expect Tesla Farm in that area but you can be sneaky and put them somwehere else!

4. Use the Clan Castle wisely

The Clan Castle can be a valuable asset in defending your base. Make sure to always have it filled with troops, preferably high-level ones, that can help defend your base against enemy raids.
Keep the Clan Castle in the core of the base, this way attacker can't lure the CC troops and take them down outside. You want to clash them with enemy troops inside of the walls!

The best CC troops for TH8 are:

1. 1x Witch, 1x Valk, 1x Wizard, 1x Archer
2. 1x Dragon, 5x Archers

5. Trap Placement

Giant Bombs:
Used giant bombs against ground armies and kill squads. It’s about predicting the most likely entry and using the GB against them.
Double GB can be very effective against hogs and they will force qucik heal from attacker, so make sure you always put them between 2 defenses so hogs will path in double giant bomb trap! Placing that trap next to Wizard Tower will be more effective.

Spring Traps:
Make sure to create the pathing and place the spring traps between defenses, this way hogs and giants will mostly likely trigger them!

Seeking Air Mine:
Great trap against drags. This can be used in core, on the flanks, any way that counters drags tbh. It can also be used against a single loon (It sounds like a waste but sometimes in hog attacks people drop like a single loon to take an exposed cannon and a SAM can kill the loon and bait the trade).

Example of Pro TH8 Trophy/War Base:

If you need a help with your base or any advice about basebuilding, you can find the base reviewers and pro builders on the biggest CoC
discord server:
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